Free casino games on your mobile without downloading

By 22 July 2021

It would surprise you to know that you don't have to really download any app to enjoy your favorite slot, Roulette, Blackjack or any other game. Some sites such as simply let you play their games on your device without any downloads or installs. This makes life easier for people whose mobiles are crammed with many apps!

HTML5 technology at play

The best part of this is that you can play your favorite game anywhere, any time and on any device without any loss in its functionality. Assume you start playing Gonzo's Quest on your desktop. A call comes and you are required to make a client visit. You can resume your play on your mobile device while travelling.

Once you have finished your client visit, you can begin playing your game from where you had left on your desktop, in your office or home. All this can be done without downloading your game. But you must be registered with your casino so that it records your progress. Online games are supported by all the major browsers.

Some free online casino games

Begin your gambling journey by trying out online slots. These remain the eternal favorites of newbies and pros for various reasons. Online slots are easy to play, come in several varieties, and offer good payouts. Classic slots come in 3 or 5 reels and are marked by bars, candies, 7s, whistles, etc. You can also try out video slots

Video slots have two kinds of symbols-high and low value. The latter are represented by Ace, Jack, King. Queen and 10. High value symbols are connected to that particular slot's theme. In addition, a vide slot might have Wilds, Multipliers, Scatters,etc Check your slot's paytable to find out about its symbols and their values.

Other games that you can play for free

Try learning Roulette by watching videos. This table based game is fast and can offer you very attractive payouts. The Roulette wheel is divided into several numbered sections from 0 to 36. After it is set into motion, a ball is dropped on it and players are required to bet on the number on which the ball would fall.

  • Underage players are not allowed by casinos even for free games.
  • Never open an account with a casino that promises you money

All these numbers are classified into several categories such as High/Low, Odd/Even/, Red/ Black, Inside/ Outside, and so on. There are different odds according to these categories. Some odds are higher but they have lesser payouts. If you receive a No Deposit Bonus from your online casino, you should try out thisimmensely interesting game.

Online Bingo can be played for free too

Bingo is also a very popular and interesting game for gamblers. A Bingo Card is divided into several rows and columns, and each one of those carries a unique number. These numbers are arranged under BINGO. The game begins by the caller calling out a letter combination, e.g. B-12. The number totaling 12 under B is struck off.

This process continues until all the right letter-combinations are struck off. The player who gets all his correct combinations first wins the game. Bingo can be played between two and more players and you can make friends out of strangers through this interesting game. If you receive a No Deposit Bonus, try out Bingo.

No Deposit Bonuses

You can play all these games listed above with your No Deposit Bonus. The most obvious way of getting it is to sign up with an online casino. Not every casino offers this bonus but do a google search and you will find quite a large number of sites willing to give it to you.

No Deposit Bonuses can also come by liking a Facebook page, referrals, newsletter opt-ins, etc. Please note that these bonuses are virtual monies and can be used only for gambling. Your casino would specify the games on which this bonus would apply. Also, this free money must be utilized within a specified period.